About John Scherillo of Prestige Custom Builders and Prestige Carting

John Scherillo is from New York and is the operator and primary owner of Prestige Custom Builders and Prestige Carting. Prestige is a private contracting company located in the Long Island and areas within New York. John Scherillo is noted for specializing in home and commercial businesses in which he and his team remove debris and junk on homeowner property and commercial business property. John’s company also specializes in a variance of demolition services. John Scherillo has operated Prestige since the startup of the business Scherillo continues to broaden his company’s extensive portfolio as pleased customers return for repeat business.

John Scherillo operates his construction and demolition business with the help of his selective and professional team created from Scherillo’s field experience and has implemented private company training. In unison, Scherillo’s employees have helped tons of local businesses in renovation and heavy cleanup. While John Scherillo’s company continues to flourish, Scherillo also manages to balance personal success in other types of businesses ranging from sporting companies to New York real estate. Scherillo turns to his wife, friends and family for new ideas and fresh insight. Scherillo currently resides in New York with his wife, dogs and family.

John Scherillo began his startups at a young age by pursuing business ventures varying from electronical companies to construction and repairman services. Scherillo’s determination, work ethic and enthusiasm were recognized and he excelled in his ventures. Eventually, John Scherillo decided to take on more responsibility by entering the exciting realm of business ownership. John’s expertise of real estate, construction have propelled his business Prestige Custom Builders and Prestige Carting, solidifying it as the premier Long Island and New York demolition and construction company.

John was a successful repairman in his youth, and now operates and manages his own rising business praised for its competitive prices, quality and keen attention to detail. John’s business Prestige also provides customers with payment plans while always pursuing new and innovative approaches to his business. These strengths have paved the way for the success of John’s construction and demolition business.

John Scherillo’s company Prestige Custom Builders and Prestige Carting began as a small dumpster service and has since become New York and Long Island’s premier demolition and construction business within the region. Scherillo handles an abundance of services which work together to address every facet of construction renovation and replenishment. Scherillo’s business disposes problematic debris and offers customers dumpster rental, structural demolishment and unique approaches to solve issues relevant to that location and its structure. Factors like the land, internal piping, weather, cable wirings and structural haphazards are issues Scherillo considers as new challenges because business for Scherillo is also about enjoying work.

When not on the job, John Scherillo practices sports, enjoys movies, exercise and reading the news. Scherillo also enjoys reading about science, current events and business. In spare time, John attends sporting events, frequents local eateries and spends time with his family and friends. Scherillo also enjoys being active in community events and New York fundraising events. Scherillo also considers his beloved Australian shepherd dogs as part of the family; John also goes to dog parks and likes teaching his two dogs new tricks. Other things John Scherillo enjoys include anything-sports; Scherillo loves hockey, football, baseball and basketball. Scherillo also travels to these sporting events and often hosts athletic gatherings with his fellow colleagues, his friends and his relatives.